March 2024 / Fundraising Benefit

I was honored to have “Truth Wielder” chosen (then sold) for the 2024 Cascade AIDS Project’s (CAP) silent auction, a fundraising benefit, curated by Oregon Contemporary. The theme was inspired by the history of protest art and HIV art activism and since it was CAP’s 40th “ruby anniversary”, it made red onion skins an obvious choice. 100% of the proceeds went to CAP.

Fighting the good fight
12.5 x 16.5″ framed

Truth Wielder

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“You get these really beautiful textures and tones. It’s very delicate, but the shapes are so strong … “

– Jon Renzella, Lei Gallery (owner)
Interview and gallery tour with Jon Renzella

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A sampling of sold work, now dancing around the world

Available work, here

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